Call for papers: #MeTooAnthro at ASA 2018 (Oxford)

Since launching the metooanthro website, our global collective has been engaged in ongoing collaborative work. We are committed to opening up a space for anthropologists to talk about issues of sexual assault and harassment, both in the field and in academic settings.

We invite you to submit an abstract to our panel at the 2018 ASA conference (Oxford, 18-21 September). ‘#MeTooAnthro: Sexual assault and harrassment in anthropology’ encourages contributors to lead discussions on experiences of addressing gendered and/or sexual violence in the field; on the provision of resources for how supervisors and faculty can better support students in response to allegations of sexual assault and harassment; to share best practice on pre-fieldwork planning sessions for early career researchers; and addressing the intersections between gender, race/ethnicity and sexuality. The panel will also gain feedback on proposed revisions to ethical guidelines, to include an acknowledgement of the possibility of sexual assault and harassment, and a commitment to ensuring respectful research conduct in professional settings.

To see the full panel abstract and submit your work, visit this link. If you want more information, send us an email at

Please distribute the Call for Papers widely, as this is very close to our hearts. We want to make our shared discipline a safer, more just space. Join us.

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