Meeting addressing anthropology ethics at #AAS2018 (Cairns, Australia)

MeTooAnthro are proud to share this upcoming collaborative workshop, in conjunction with the Australian Anthropological Society.

At the forthcoming annual AAS conference, held at James Cook University (Cairns campus, 4-7 December 2018), all attendees are encouraged to contribute to this important proposed update to organisational ethics. Event details are as follows:

Wednesday 5th of December, 13:00-14:00: ‘Open invitation to #MeTooAnthro workshop: Developing a policy on sexual assault and harassment’ at the Cairns Institute, D3-150.

Description: The #MeTooAnthro collective, with support from the AAS, are working to propose an update to the Code of Ethics with a policy that: addresses the possibility of gendered and/or sexual violence in the field, and commits to zero tolerance of gendered and/or sexual violence in professional settings. With an eye to institutional and cultural change, this endeavour takes after the AAA’s release of a comprehensive sexual harassment policy in June, 2018. All conference attendees are invited to this workshop to provide commentary and input on the developing draft.

To view on the official conference website, click on the following link. For more information, please email

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