Statement on #HauTalk and #MeToo

The following thread was posted to the MeTooAnthro Twitter account yesterday (Sunday 23rd of December, 2018):

So it is not lost in the annals of the internet, our statement also being reposted here. These words have not been altered from their original state, and have been republished as text, rather than embedded tweets, for purposes of accessibility:

The MeTooAnthro team are collectively shocked and disturbed by the arguments put forward in the HAU ‘Short Cuts’ section of Volume 8, Issue 3, which add little to our scholarly understanding of #MeToo, or to a feminist praxis.


Because they wholeheartedly fail to engage with either seminal writing on the topic, or on the work that has been done internationally in the last year under #MeToo and #MeTooAnthro.
But…rather than speak further about something that is under-researched and often offensive, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce some of the brilliant work that is being done on this issue:
  • An extensive, living reading list hosted by MeTooAnthro, including published book chapters and journal articles, online articles, and podcast episodes.
  • This great thread on #MeToo and gender-based violence, shared by Dr. Hillary Haldane:

  • …and finally, this article by MeTooAnthro member Dr. Holly Walters, published mere days ago via @TFSTweets:

In solidarity, always,


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