The metooanthro collective operated as a group* of anthropologists from around the world committed to making our discipline a safer and more just space by combatting sexual assault and harassment, and fostering a safer culture at our campuses, conferences and fieldsites.

Between 2017-2021, we worked together and in wider feminist collaborations to: develop and promote student and faculty training guides on preparing for and responding to challenges in fieldwork; to create a  event planning guideline and action plan for navigating situations where perpetrators of sexual/discriminatory harm attend professional events; to run panels and labs at anthropology conferences around the world; to collate a reading list on sexual assault and harassment in anthropology. These are all available on this website.

As of 2022, in recognition of our limited capacities as a junior and precarious scholars, we are currently not working on projects as a collective, and our email and twitter accounts are not active.

We may be pursuing projects and other engagements in this space as individual scholars. The work continues and we remain committed to it.

* Holly Walters, Amy Hanes, Hannah Gould, Kathleen Openshaw, Esther R Anderson, Mythily Meher

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