Training Guides

These guides have been designed to help students and faculty prepare for and respond to the challenges of fieldwork. They are one small part of a wider cultural shift in our institutions and discipline that must happen to make anthropology more just and welcoming.

The guides are currently in draft form. We encourage you to engage with them and try them out in your institutions. Please tell us what works and what doesn’t. It’s our aim to make these guides as inclusive as possible, but we don’t speak for the whole discipline. We welcome all feedback that can help improve these resources for future scholars.

Student Guide – Supporting Students in the Field, and an accompanying customizable powerpoint slideshow: Supporting Students in the Field – Template.

How to cite: Hanes, Amy and Holly Walters. “A Long Journey Home: Supporting Students in the Field.” Online. Retrieved from

#metooanthro’s work is a collective enterprise that many have contributed to, with primary authors leading the research and collation of content for each piece of work. The ‘A Long Journey Home: Supporting Students in the Field’ seminar packet is authored by Amy Hanes (Brandeis University) with additional content provided by Holly Walters (Brandeis University) and developed with the support of the Rape Crisis Centre at Brandeis University.

Faculty Guide – Faculty Guide

How to cite: Walter, Holly and Kersten Bergstrom. “A Long Journey Home: Faculty Guide.” Online. Retrieved from

The ‘A Long Journey Home: Faculty Guide’ is authored by Holly Walters and Kersten Bergstrom (Texas A&M University), with contributions and editorial input from Amy Hanes (Brandeis University), Esther R Anderson (University of Southern Queensland), Hannah Gould (University of Melbourne), Kathleen Openshaw (Western Sydney University), Mythily Meher (University of Melbourne), Melissa Mueller, and Katy Putsavage.

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